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Our work comp claims management solution, is recognized as the industry’s most advanced approach to managing workers compensation claims. It joins together the specialization of co-located medical and claim professionals to promptly handle, thoroughly investigate, and fairly resolve your workers compensation claims. The result: a workers compensation claims management solution that meets your unique business needs. Early intervention on all new claims has proven to have a positive impact on length of disability and ultimately, claim payout.

Our medical network is in all 50 states. We can get discounts almost 20% below fee schedules and reasonable and customary charges. The network is designed to return the injured worker to productive employment. The network was constructed by medical and claim professionals to treat workers compensation-specific illnesses and injuries to achieve early return-to-work at the fairest cost.

Our cost containment system ensures accuracy in data, payment, and re-pricing. Our system is designed to detect inappropriate billing practices. The system analyzes the procedure costs and/or diagnosis based on reasonable, usual, and customary pricing or state fee schedule guidelines, procedure relatedness, medical necessity, and appropriateness.